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Raspberry Brownies are one of my go-to recipes for when I’m in the mood for something sweet and fruity. The addition of raspberries lends an extraordinary quality to the brownies. They impart a flash of color and flavor and a sweet and sour flavor to the brownies. In addition, raspberry and chocolate are a deliciously perfect combination.

My recipe for raspberry brownies only requires one bowl of ingredients, making them a convenient dessert option for whenever you need something sweet.

You may use fresh or frozen raspberries in the brownies, making them suitable for consumption at any time of the year. The brownies are particularly well-suited to the warmer months when fresh berries are readily available. Additionally, they are the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day!

The brownies are dense, moist, and oh-so-decadent, all simultaneously. Enjoy this dessert with a scoop of ice cream or milk! These fudgy, chocolaty, and fruity brownies are impossible to mess up in any way!


  • To make the butter, you should use unsalted butter that has been melted and cooled slightly.
  • Sugar, in all forms, includes granulated and brown sugar.
  • Eggs – we recommend using giant eggs.
  • Extract of vanilla – be sure to only use pure vanilla extract.
  • Flour: fluff, spoon, level, and measure the flour with it! When measuring flour, you should never pack it.
  • Cocoa powder: For this particular brownie recipe, I find that using cocoa powder that has been processed using the Dutch method yields the best results in terms of flavor. Cocoa powder that has not been sweetened can also be used.
  • Espresso powder: When making chocolate, I prefer to add a little espresso powder to boost the flavor of the chocolate. You can omit it, and the brownies won’t lose any of their deliciousness.
  • Salt in the Kosher style
  • Chocolate: Roughly break up your preferred chocolate bar. Guittard is my go-to brand of chocolate. Additionally, chocolate chips will do the trick.
  • Raspberries, either fresh or frozen in the freezer. If you use frozen raspberries, there is no need to thaw them; whisk them in while frozen.

This brownie recipe does not call for baking powder or baking soda since the resulting brownies have a fudgy texture rather than a cakey one.

Raspberry Brownies

How to Make Raspberry Brownies

Continue scrolling down for the complete list of materials and directions!

  • Bring the temperature in the oven up to 350 degrees. Apply nonstick cooking spray to a metal baking pan measuring nine by 13 inches. Make sure that rather than using a glass pan, you use a light-colored metal pan instead. A glass pan takes significantly longer to heat up than a metal pan. Baking the brownies will take significantly longer, and the added time may cause the edges to become rigid and overbaked while the center remains underbaked.
  • Spray again after lining with parchment paper, leaving an overhang on both sides. After baking, the brownies will be much simpler to remove from the pan if you do this first. Put the skillet to the side.
  • The brown sugar, granulated sugar, and melted butter should all be combined and whisked in a large mixing basin. Whisk it up until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Include the vanilla extract and eggs in the mix. Whisk until everything is even and incorporated.
  • In the mixing bowl, sift the flour, cocoa, salt, and espresso powder (if you’re using it).
  • Make sure not to overmix the ingredients as you stir them together using a spatula.
  • Raspberry pieces and one cup of chopped chocolate should be folded together. Carefully stir the mixture so that the raspberries don’t get broken up.
  • After the mixture has been spread evenly into the prepared pan, the remaining one-fourth cup of chopped chocolate should be sprinkled on top of the brownies.
  • Bake the brownies for 25 to 30 minutes on the middle rack of the oven until they are almost firm to the touch but not entirely. Be careful not to overcook the brownies. They will solidify as the temperature drops.
  • Take it out of the oven and allow it to cool completely before slicing into squares.
  • The brownies are delicious, whether served alone or with a dollop of ice cream of your choice.

How to Store

  • Keep brownies at room temperature for up to two days if you seal them in an airtight container once they have cooled.
  • The brownies can be frozen for up to three months if wrapped in plastic and placed in a freezer bag or other freezer-safe container. Defrost the frozen food in the refrigerator overnight or leave it at ambient temperature for a couple of hours.
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