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11 Most Ordered Mocktails at Bars


Alcohol isn’t for everyone. But coming to pubs and clubs makes non-drinkers wonder, “what can I drink?”

Of course, you have Coca-Cola or lemonade, but you can’t drink glass after glass—you’ll burst. Even teetotallers need variety!

Check out our 11 favorite mocktails to order in a bar

  1. Virgin Mojito

Two non-alcoholic mojitos on a green table.

The alcohol-free Mojito tops the list. Bargoers love the Mojito, a pleasant beverage. They’re easy to drink with lime ‘zingyness’, sugar sweetness, and mint freshness.

How about the Virgin Mojito? Exactly the same! It doesn’t alter much to delete the rum because the original recipe has strong flavors.

This recipe is even better because it uses most fresh fruit and is adaptable. Do you dislike strong citrus flavors? Try strawberries, raspberries, passionfruit, or lychee! You can still have fun with non-alcoholic drinks.

The Virgin Mojito is one of the greatest non-alcoholic cocktails to order at a bar, but don’t take our word for it—try it yourself!

Fresh lime juice, wedges, sugar syrup, mint leaves, soda water.

Strawberry, raspberry, ginger, and lemon nojitos are also available.

Our simple syrup for cocktails recipe lets you make these non-alcoholic drinks in your living room!

  1. Virgin Bloody Mary

Hair of the Dog Bloody Mary

Like making tomato soup? This is your non-alcoholic drink! Traditionally prepared with vodka, the Virgin Bloody Mary can satiate your savory appetites.

This drink may not be ideal for dancing, but it’s great for relaxing. Maybe you’re having brunch or a cocktail bar lunch? This non-alcoholic drink remains unaffected. Wonderfully balanced flavors and the capacity to fill you up make it a fantastic sipping drink.

Make sure to find a Bloody Mary spot. Watery tomato cocktail or Dead Sea-like flavor is the last thing you want. We consider that heresy, and Mary I of England would not tolerate it! Remove their heads!

Tomato, Worcester, Tabasco, celery salt, pepper, fresh lime juice.

  1. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple mocktail

Continuing our alcohol-free journey, the Shirley Temple is a bar list favorite!

This is our first non-alcoholic drink recommendation. Since its inception by Shirley Temple, it’s been a mocktail favorite. Traditional non-alcoholic drinks were ginger ale and grenadine, but now there are numerous. This is for sweet tooths!

All its appeal comes from its simple recipe. With two ingredients, the Temple tantalizes taste senses with spicy ginger and sweet grenadine. Its textures and flavors are great! Try a Shirley Temple and booze will never be the same.

Ginger ale, grenadine

Other options: Orange Shirley

  1. Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer mocktail

Disclaimer: This drink tastes better than it sounds.

With tea, lemon juice, and sugar syrup, the Arnold Palmer may be mistaken for iced tea! That presumption isn’t necessarily erroneous. The Arnold Palmer is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink and a detoxifier (without sugar). Add club soda for fizz or lemon syrup for flavor!

For a cold glass of tea, create the original recipe in a highball glass and add a straw!

Sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice, English Breakfast tea.

  1. Non-alcoholic Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule, served in copper mugs, is a bar classic. The Mule gives fans of this traditional flavor combo a refreshing, tart taste.

The Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule calls for ginger beer, not ale. This is crucial to the original recipe. Real ginger gives ginger beer a more realistic flavour than ginger ale. Strong ginger flavor is crucial to a Moscow Mule and its non-alcoholic counterpart! Be sure to drink beer.

To boost the citrus flavor of your Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule, add lemon-lime soda.

Fresh lime juice, ginger beer


Other options: Little grapefruit juice grapefruit mule

  1. Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers

Our top bar mocktails list is halfway done with an all-time favorite.

The Roy Rogers is for sweet cocktail lovers. Sweet means Coca-Cola with fruit syrup. What about its origins? It’s about ‘guy drinks’ and ‘female drinks’ The Shirley Temple was a girl’s mocktail (the horror), therefore males wanted an alternative. Coca-Cola, a male drink (possibly because its color), distinguished the Rogers from the Temple. Now males throughout the US could relax knowing there was a mocktail for them.

If you love sweet beverages and despise pink, Roy Rogers is for you!

Coca-Cola, grenadine

What’s a mocktail? Good question! Visit our professional blog to learn. Discover definitions, recipes, and other useful information…

  1. Virgin Piña Colada

Piña Colada

At Copacabana and Club Tropicana, a Piña Colada is always available on the cocktail menu. Have you tried this tropical beauty sans rum?

Of all the mocktails on our list, the Virgin Piña Colada may be the most accurate. Piña Coladas are known for masking alcohol with a rich blend of ‘coconuty’ and ‘pineapplely’ flavors. It’s like sipping a delicious smoothie, no?

What’s keeping you from trying this alcohol-free version? It’s wonderful for cocktail parties and liver health. Tropical fruit sensations without the hangover the next day.

This mocktail is ideal for Piña Colada lovers and rainy days.

Coconut milk, lime juice, pineapple juice, coconut cream, ice.

Other flavors: Virgin Passion Colada

  1. Non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic


Non-alcoholic beverages to order at the bar don’t necessarily have to be distant cousins. Miracles in science allow us to drink our favorite drinks without alcohol.

Talking about non-alcoholic spirits’ recent surge! These amazing innovations are changing bartending and non-alcoholic beverages. Many drinks rely heavily on spirit for flavor and essence. A good example is the Gin and Tonic! That herbal taste is impossible to replicate without gin. However, the latest arrival of 0% gins makes your favorite summer cocktail a pour away. No more mixing odd botanical-infused syrup with lemon juice and club soda!

If you want the genuine thing (without alcohol), buy non-alcoholic spirits fast!

Tonic water, non-alcoholic gin

Other options: Pink Gin and Tonic Without Alcohol

  1. Non-Tequila Sunrise

Straws for 2 Tequila Sunrises

People make errors, therefore we’re here to correct our ‘Cocktails For Beginners’ post’s “boring” No Tequila Sunrise.

The No Tequila Sunrise is wonderful. Thank you.

Orange juice, grenadine

Other options: Ginger Sunrise

  1. Beach Abstinence

Sex On The Beach mocktail

It’s hard to think the Sex On The Beach can be tamed, one of the most famous and bawdy drinks. Yes, it can!

When vodka is removed from the mix, Sex On The Beach becomes Abstinence. The original fruit juice drink retains its delicious flavour! Cranberry juice, orange juice, and peach puree make this nearly a cocktail. Your bartender must shake this mocktail because of the peach purée! Thus, you will have a wonderful non-alcoholic cocktail and a superb bartender performance for non-drinkers!

A favorite among nuns worldwide, Christ’s power encourages you to attempt abstinence.

Purée peach, juice cranberry, juice orange

Other versions: Beach Cuddles

  1. Champagne SHAM

Champagne mocktail

Last recommendation for finest mocktails, so let’s go out with a bang.

Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco are among the most popular beverages, especially during bottomless brunches. However, these are alcoholic. Non-alcoholic sparkling wine is available, but it will disappoint your taste buds. Try a proper alternative…

SHAMpagne mocktails are great Champagne substitutes. Apple juice and ginger beer make it a near substitute for the French cocktail without alcohol. You won’t miss out on its sparkling and Champagne acidity. To make it more acidic, hit your cheeks with lemon juice. No need for ‘proper stuff’ to have fun!

Apple juice, ginger beer

Other options: Pink Champagne mocktail


Thus, going alcohol-free in an alcoholic workplace has great potential. You may be drinking a lot of ginger beer, grenadine, and fruit juice all night, but they’re cocktails!

This list of mocktails to order in a bar proves you can have fun without alcohol!

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